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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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including the road crews, they're picking up early. and a live look outside. beautiful view from san bruno mountains. it's friday, february 13 president. this is "today in the bay." and a very good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. president obama touching down at sfo yesterday. this marks his 20th visit to the bay area as president. but this time his focus is a little different. >> we've got live coverage this morning. bob redell is there. but we're going to start off with stephanie chong where the president is staying this morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. usually the president is staying at the intercontinent in the south of market neighborhood where it's blocked off at least a block in each direction. here in knob hill it's open.
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but of course you see there's the emergency mobile operations center as well as patrol cars. there you see the fairmont here. but police officerers all around the perimeter. as well as. secret service. a lot of security at the front entrance. the bomb squad vehicle is here and one specially trained dog to sniff out any trouble. with all of the security concerns, a lot of blocked off parking. the president will be visiting stanford nor stanford shortly. the president is set to return to san francisco for a private fund-raising dinner at the house of invest banker sandy robertson who is also a board member of sales force. this is the president's first fundraiser of the year for the democratic national committee. 60 supporters are expected, each paying $10,000 to get in. so again, you can see there's a
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lot of no parking signs there and here. behind me here on california between mason and cushman, the alley is where they're expecting secret service as well as the motor cade. that is blocked off. the back of the hotel is also blocked off. >> all right. we're going to be busy there later. in the meantime barricades and no parking signs also up around the stanford campus ahead of the president's arrival there. >> today in the bay's bob redell live from stanford this morning on more on what president obama is going to talk about, a lot about cyber security and sharing information. >> reporter: well this is a white house conference on cyber security and consumer protection they're putting on here in the heart of the stanford campus to bring together the greatest minds of silicon valley to figure out thou beat hack attacks and better protect our information. joining the president, apple ceo tim cook and leaders of some
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smaller yet very important companies in the battle for our security. which will meet with president obama to make sure mr. obama understands the problem especially in the digital age of smartphone technology. >> what you're holding in you hand is a super computer pap that device has more information capable than all of the presidents before him combined. it's awesome power but also exposure for families. >> it's not good enough to spend a whole day talking about it. what's really great is some tangible actions that come out of it that we can take that's ultimately going to affect the consumer is very important. >> reporter: mr. obama is also expected to announce an executive oeshder designed to make this country safer from hack attacks, like the recent ones on sony. they would urge companies here in the valley to share with the
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federal government what they know about current cyber threats. the president choosing an executive order over legislation because it's hard for him to get anything through the republican controlled congress. >> a packed house to come with lots of interest on that sungt. thank you very much, bob. >> we're following the president of the president to the bay area all day long. our team coverage will continue all morning long. be sure to join us for our 11:00 a.m. newscast when the president delivers his speech on cyber security. fed rool agents charged 19 people in san francisco with drug trafficking near schools and playgrounds. the federal officers made those arrests in the tender loin and sparts of the so ma neighborhood. the suspects face up to 40 years in prison fn in fact they're convicted. police need your help. these are surveillance images of the man. he's accused of knocking a police officer off of a platform at 4th and king street. the officer fell to the ground
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below but was not seriously injured. it happened during a police investigation three weeks ago. the man took off after it happened. let's lighten things up a little bit. we'll take a live look outside at downtown san jose. it's dark now but we'll lighten up and bring on the heat. meteorologist christina roar ren bringing us with a look at your forecast this friday the 13th. no one here is intimidated. i'll tell you that right now. >> bring on the black hats. >> you also light up our world. good morning to you. temps mostly in the 40s. it's a nice clear start out there and it's going to be a beautiful, i mean beautiful day. i don't think president barack obama is going to want to leave the bay area. after all he's headed to palm springs after that and they will be in the 90s as we get into this weekend. for us, we're going to see the mid to upper 70s, just spectacular conditions. these will be new records. i want to take you into the
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lunchtime hour where the temperatures are expected to climb. and then by 3:00 today, very warm conditions. 78 in couper teen no, 79 in the valley, 77 degrees in saratoga. you head over the hill into the beautiful coast. ridge and i can tell you temperatures there also in the 70s with the dry offshore wind weather pattern. we're going to continue the weather trend into your valentine's day. but tomorrow will peak. just a too much caooler on sunday. we'll give you forecasts for the big events around the bay area. and a lot of the events are $3.99. we love that price. over here looking al san francisco, the traffic flows freyrly into and out of the city. but we circle this area. the president is around fairmont, so the security perimeter going on there.
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powell, mason, sacramento that whole area. as the president gets ready to move close tore 10:00, that will be a changing situation. we're not sure the route to get to stanford, may be by air or road. if it's by road it will likely be 101, but 280 is a beautiful drive through the hills as well. we'll track that in the news room as the morning counts. the north bay will get more crowded but so far not a problem. here in mill valley, toward the tri-vall tri-valley, no slowing. we're going to zoom out to the south bay itself. in general the entire bay enjoying a nice easy drive. that flow for friday expected to be much lighter. we'll check dublin. showing you a good volume. but you saw the speed sensors. no slowing in this area. eastbound, heading toward the central valley, it's a vacation weekend, a three-day weekend for
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many schools in the area. a lot of folks head over to the sierra. and over toward the bay bridge we're looking at a live look there. no problems for visibility across any of the bay bridges. it is 5:08. still ahead, paychecks stolen. we investigate claims from hundreds of thousands of californians who say they never see the money they earn. and improvements this morning to drones should prevent a white house land in the future. we'll take a look coming up. and a live look outside the bay bridge from our emeryville perspective on this friday. you see some cars dotting the roads there. it's 5 cl:08. female announcer: through presidents' day, get 36 months interest-free financing,
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person died. only it is the body of a man that was found right behind the moving truck you see in the distance. the body found behind the truck and outside of that build. it is life chiropractic college. it was found around 2:00 this morning after two people who were arriving at work for the work found the u-haul truck backed up to the patio of the build. they found that suspicious, especially since there was broken glass around. when the officers arrived, they found the body. >> we checked the asrab area an located a deceased male behind the u-haul truck outside the building. >> reporter: now in addition to the broken glass, it also appears that the ignition switch in the truck may have been tampered with. we're working to confirm that for you later this morning. but at this point the alameda county coroner has not, out to
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the scene which generally means in our experience means that the investigation is not complete. all of the evidence has not yet been gathered. there are a number of dumpsters also moved out of the way. unknown whether the people who brought the u-haul truck with the ones who moved it or if that is part of the investigation. there are quite a number of officers out here. this is, bay the way, an industrial part of hayward as it leads up to the san mateo bridge. lots of traffic through the area. the traffic is not disrupted. in hayward, chris sanchez, today in the bay. 5:13 right now. testimony continues today in the trial of the man accused of killing american sniper chris kile. attorneys for ralph are mounting an insanity defense but prosecutors argue that the 27-year-old knew right from wrong despite a history of mental illness.
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if convicted he faces life in prison without the opportunity to parole. changes in drones could prevent shenanigans. >> the manufacturer says it's perfected new software that will prevent the crohn's from flying into certain no-fly areas. someone tried to use a drone to fly drugs into the united states. it didn't work. but the drones manufacturer took notice. now when one of their drones come nears the border it will just land automatically. here's the one that crash landed at the white house. that's a no-go zone. also near airports as well. the software will prevent these drones from flying near airports and the white house. the manufacturer says it's very difficult to get the gps data for every single no-flay area but they're doing their best. there are several reports this morning that yahoo! is downsiding.
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their firings based on job performance. yahoo! has a controversial employee assessment system. we'll keep on eye on it. marissa minor under a lot of pressure to cut the cost. let's check your news before the bell. good morning to you. hey, scott, good morning to you. stocks will try to extend thursday's gains today. futures are higher. the markets rallied as investors has strong earnings from is so cease-fire deal between russia and ukraine. higher oil prices. crude is near $52 a barrel today. look for data this morning on import prices and consumer sentiment. rising 110 point to 17972, the nasdaq up to the highest level in nearly 14 years. scott, back over to you. >> have a great weekend. we've talked about the top level domains on the internet before, the new ones like
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dot-store and dot-buzz. you can buy the internet addresses now. you buy them from people or organizations who paid $185,000 to manage them. this one is dot xyz. here's a guy who bet his own money that you want a dot-xyz address. >> you end the alphabet with xyz and you should end the do main name the same way. >> he is the youngest owner of internet addresses in the world. he's bet a lot of money you're going to want, you know, laura garcia >> what else does he do to come up with the money to buy all of that. >> he buys and sells things. in the since that he buys things like and resells them. he's been doing it for a while. >> so he's playing with some capital here. >> still a big bet. >> xyz.
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fun on this friday right now dot whatever it would be. >> s-u-n. >> because it is a nice day outside. >> 5:17 now. we love a good acronym on a friday morning. l-o-v-e is what it's about all this weekend. that's not an acronym, though is it? bay bridge lights twinkle ling. you can see them clear he this morning. we have a spectacular day ahead. thank you for waking up with us, especially on a friday. the week may have taken its toll on you. at this point we're looking good. 47 degrees in the tri-valerie, 53 to wake up in if san francisco that's where the president is waking up this morning, happy to have you here. 70 degrees in the north bay, 66 in san francisco. we're at 70 degrees. for today at lunchtime in the
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south bay story of the day, clear sky off-shore wind. it's going to be absolutely spectacular out there. let's talk about where the really nice weather is going to come into play. after all a lot of us get to take off early on a friday. 71 degrees in pa receive ka. wind out of the northeast at 5 to ten miles an hour. it's going to be a little breezy. but not that breezy. 73 degrees. half moon bay, spectacular conditions. the water temperature though, in the low 50s. so it will be chilly out there. i want to fly you down to show you the warm spot, santa cruz today, close to 80 degrees on sad. grab a beach blanket, pack a picnic, head out to the beach for tomorrow. temperatures are going to be really comfortable. however, there is a big warning in place for beach goers as we get into the weekend. dangerous surf, large breakers,
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up to 10-foot waves. we're going to see bigger waves meanwhile in santa cruz. keep that in mind. if you're a surfer, take it easy out there. i want to show you something else that we're expecting as we get throughout this weekend. it's no entry fee, no parking fee at your national parks this weekend. so the temperatures are going to be lovely. go to the beach, head up to the mountains with some gorgeous conditions. this is in honor of president's day. right now i want to chaek your drive. how are we doing this morning? doing pretty well. it's friday. we shoubld see a lighter volume of traffic overall. we're talking about the east bay, no problems toward the bay bridge. in the city, christina mentioned, the president is visiting and staying overnight
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there in the area. so i just got an update, california is closed on one side of the fairmont. the powell on the backside is closed between california and sacramento. watch mason and watch powell. powell, mason, california and sacramento as i get the words out you're going to watch me. security detail continues. the president heads down forward palo alto later in the morning. we'll track that. anything in the north bay moving slowly, no delays there. heading out toward the dublin interchanges, we have a smooth easy drive. traffic just getting started. in the south bay, no delays all the way northbound through san jose and the rest of the silicon valley. palo alto, the president is coming down to stanford for an 11:00 speaking engagement. we don't know if that's by road or air. but we'll track it for the sake of any delays. >> mike, thank you very much.
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putting in the hours but not picking up a paycheck. that's the case for hundreds of thousands of californians who've had their wage stolen. according to state data, it adds up to more than a quarter billion dollars. it's happening right here in the bay area. 81 million of those unpaid wages were from local companies. and the state commissioner says more needs to be done. >> it needs more done and we're doing more with the resources that we have. >> do we need more enforcement, for effective enforcement here in california? >> i would say that my work is not done. so yes, i think we can always do petter. >> tonight at 11:00, senior investigative reporter reveals the companies gang momentum. >> >> new parents face a lot of choices when they bring new babies into the world. >> investigative reporter vickie
5:22 am
nguyen joins us now with the multimillion dollar business of cord blood. >> every parent wants the best for their child and many see the opportunity to store their baby's stem cells aez insurance for the future. but this booming industry has much less oversight than you might think. unlike restaurants or nail salons, there's no law that says how often the private cord banks should be inspected. we obtained inspection reports nationwide that shows unsan tir conditions including a bank here in california that went out of business leaving parents panicked about what happens to their children's cord blood. from insect to dirt inside the lab to staff that had no medical or scientific training. fda inspectors found a host of problems that charge families up to 2,000 dollars promising to take care of their baby's precious stem cells. the entire report is online
5:23 am
right now including a data base of all of the inspections that the fda has conducted since 2005. back to you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at the unit at nbc bay time right now is 5:23. coming up next, big change is on the way for b.a.r.t. the growing trend now band from all b.a.r.t. trains and stations.
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starting now, b.a.r.t. stations ruled to eliminate all e-cigarettes on all trains. the american lung association and other medical experts backed the measure saying it's important to protect the health of riders from the second hand vapors. >> the report also asked to not for ask for restitution for the 14 protest rs who shut down the service. they demanded for the group to pay for the fair money that was lost. they still want them to go after them for misdemeanor trespassing. well a big step guard in bringing the nfl back to l.a. >> officials have verified a
5:27 am
ballot measure as soon as this spring. a development group want to build a massive stadium complex in the area. the raiders have been one team as possible tenants. >> we will not let our raiders go. what the president is going today the make sure the country is safe from hackers. a body found lying 0 near a crash u-haul overnight. the latest from the unusual crime scene next. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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breaking this morning, a body found on a chiropractic college campus. this in hayward. details still very fuzzy at the point. a live report on what's going on next. president barack obama waking up in the bay area. we will follow his presidential visit which will make history at stanford today. meanwhile our winter warming trend persists for today and for us we're actually going to see
5:30 am
the peak of the trend as we get into your valentine's day. we'll give you your complete microclimate forecast in moments. rime tracking your commute. a smooth drive across the bay bridge. we'll talk about what's going on farther east. live look outside this morning. not having to travel too far to check out the bay bridge. if you're coming from the east bay or scoping it out from the city. it is 5:30 right now, friday the 13th. you're watching "today in the bay." good friday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia cannon. president barack obama arriving in the bay area yesterday. this is his 20th visit to the bay area as president but this
5:31 am
time his focus will be different. we have team coverage this morning, bob redell live at stanford, but we'll begin with steph chaung. we're live at the fairmont hotel where the president is staying. you're not alone out there. that's the mobile command unit you said over your shoulder there? >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you both, sam and laura. this is the frsan francisco pole department's mobile unit. but you can sea hereby, this is the front of the fairmont hotel. if you're concerned with the traffic, it's actually pretty open. where you should be worried is the back side of the hotel, the powell and sacramento blocks are closed on the side of the fairmont. a lot of san francisco police and secret service all around the hotel at every entrance. there's also the san francisco police department bomb squad vehicle, also saw at least one specially trained dog. the president is set to leave
5:32 am
the area here after 10:00 this morning. so security should be pretty heavy in terms of presence here throughout the day and the night. so he's leaving for a talk at stanford and then he's set to return to the city for a fund-raising dinner. this is president obama's first fundraiser of the year for the democratic national committee. f 0 supporters expected each paying at least $10,000 just to get inside the doors there. as for the area here, there's really no parking for blocks at all around the fairmont. just don't count on it. and it goes through tomorrow, 6:00 at night. so in terms of traffic, though, probably better than what you last remembered when the president was staying in the south of market neighborhood. live in san francisco, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. >> in the meantime, barricades and no parking signs up around
5:33 am
the stanford campus. >> bob redell has more with what the president is thinking about. we've got a teaser on that, cyber security. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. the president, barack obama expected to speak later this morning on a white house summit on cyber security and consumer protection being hosted here at the stanford university campus where he's expected to announce an executive order that would help make the country safer against cyberattacks. the order would urge companies, especially tech companies here in silicon valley to share with the federal government what they know about current cyber threats. the president choosing an executive order over legislation because it's been hard for him to get anything through the republican controlled congress. he will be joined by apple ceo tim cook and leaders of sol startups. a couple that we spoke to said
5:34 am
that by coming here the president is sending a strong message that it's time to get sirius about this threat. >> open dialogue about what does it mean to be safe in a digital economy. you can't add on security after things are built and done. you can't add on legislation to old-fashioned bills. >> reporter: the summit is being put be on by the white house. reporting live here, bob ra tell today in the bay. >> thank you very much. wherever the president goes, we go. our team coverage will continue all morning long. be sure to also join us for our 11:00 a.m. newscast when the president is delivering his speech. >> we have breaking news on this friday morning. homicide investigators at an east bay school right now after a body was found on the cam pass.
5:35 am
chris sanchez joins us live with what the police are telling herb about the incident. >> reporter: we can fell you that investigators do remain here on the scene and it ask still an active scene here at life chiropractic school in hayward. the body of a man was discovered after 2:00 this morning as two people were arriving for work at life chiropractic. they noticed that there was a u-haul moving truck backed into the patio of that school and that there was broken glass all around. when they saw that, they called hayward police right away. >> we checked the area and we located a deceased male behind the u-haul truck outside of the building. at this time it's undetermined how the male is deceased or what his involvement is with the u-haul or the business. >> reporter: now, no cause of death yet, but we can say that this is being investigated as a homicide. now in addition to the broken glass all around, there does appear that the ignition switch in the truck may have been tampered with and we're working
5:36 am
to confirm that. that could clearly indicate that the truck had within stolen. we can tell you that the police are running the plates of the truck to see if it was rightfully rented from u-haul or whether it was stolen. at this point the alameda county coroner's office has not been out which generally means that the investigation at the scene is not complete. this is an industrial part of hayward. it's industrial and depot. and it is a main thorough fare to folks commuting over to the san mateo bridge. the traffic is not impacted. it's 5:36 right now. a san francisco woman says her brother, his wife and her sister were all killed in north carolina because they were muslim. last night friends and colleagues of suzanne barakat held a candle light vigil. she's a medical resident there. her brother deah were killed.
5:37 am
at the vigil some people expressed fear. >> i once felt safe and certain and a part of this community and now i'm uncertain and i feel unsafe. >> deah barakat was raising money for a trip to turkey to provide dental procedures to residents. new this morning, authorities pulled a stolen car from underwater near antioch. these are pictures from the con tacos that fire protection district. the car was found submerged in a ramp leading near the water. no one was inside. >> turning now to the microclimate forecast. as we take a live look outthe golden gate, everything is heating up, the lights, the action within and of course the beaches this weekend. >> you got to be careful because
5:38 am
the tides could certainly surprise you. got some sneak aways out there. >> we're going to see some dangerous surf. you do want to keep that in mind and never ever turn your back to the ocean, even if we don't have the rip currents out there. temperatures this morning are really comfortable. good morning to you. happy friday. you made it. the end of the week. and what a gorgeous weekend we have in store for you. 47 degrees in livermore. we're at 50 degrees. right here in the south bay you may need a jacket this morning. make sure you dress in layers. look at the lunchtime reading, up to 70 degrees at noon in the south bay. 69 degrees on the east shore and 69 degrees at lunch time in the tri-valley rounding out the day in the mid 70s just about everywhere. what a pretty day coming your way on the peninsula. 73 degrees for you. 77 in the tri-valer valeri-vall san francisco. you might be wanting to hit
5:39 am
tahoe where they still have three and a half feet at the base. alpine and squaw this weekend, you want to hit the upper month. but boy oh boy it's going to be lovely up there. temps in the 60s and upper 50s all weekend long. maybe you want to head down to the russian river valley, 76 degrees. today you'll be at 79 degrees on saturday and 79 on sunday. because of last weekend's rain, still looking really good. the water levels high in the north bay. central coast, 80 degrees. big sur, beautiful conditions up there today. 82 on saturday and 80 degrees on sunday. but remember, a lot of people will be traveling this weekend. valentine's day and of course president's weekend as well. let's find out how your drive is shaping up right now. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. we have the cash lane starting your traditional backup. but no metering lights yet. maybe in a couple of minutes
5:40 am
perhaps. no delays as we look at your map. down the east shore at the top of your screen here, to the tunnel, 24 also moving at speet speed. it's just the toll plaza itself which has the backup. in the city you're going to be trouble around the fairmont, the powell and sacramento sides of the fairmont. the front of the fairmont is still open but she says parking in the area is not available. that will be an issue until the president is out of the area later on this morning. we're tracking the north bay with no delays coming down across the golden gate bridge. the dunbar bridge moving smoothly. the peninsula overall very good. a little build before the tri-valley. let's get a live look at the dublin area. the camera showing more showing kicking in right here, eastbound getting out of the area, very light for the morning. but this afternoon we'll see more traffic heading over to the sierra, some fresh snow. >> we'll be right back after this with 15 minutes of nonstop
5:41 am
news, traffic and weather after this break. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. through all life's milestones, our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. femaleand save up to $300 onths on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but only through presidents' day at sleep train.
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get health insurance or be ready to pay a fine. >> many americans who lost jobs during the year and don't qualify for made care. today, tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning. how are californiians fairing? >> reporter: not a lot have signed up so far, 3 million still eligible, only a third have signed up. and we've been digging through the numbers to find out what the eligibility and enroomments are like but also how much are going to pay for these plans. keep in mind if you already have insurance at work, this does not apply to you. you're fine. if you have medicare or medicaid, this does not apply to you. you don't have to worry about sunday's deadline. but if you don't, you could get hit with a $325 fine, a tax penalty or 2% of your income. now, what you pay for these
5:44 am
plans could be different than what you paid last year and different based on where you live. the bay area, the average 40 years making 30,000, nonsmoker, pays $393 a month for the average silver plan. that's a little bit less, $40 less in san jose, $30 less in oakland. 0 so even there in the bay area, you can see the prices vary. it may be one reason why if you're keeping the same plan from last year, might want to go to cover california and check because you could end up paying a little more or you could end up paying a little less. >> everybody wants to save little somewhere when they can. thanks, tracy. >> 5:44 right now. faulty equipment being blamed for an accident in southern california that sent 22 marine to the hospital for observation. this happened during a military training exercise in 29 palms. they were treated for exposure to a fire retardant gas after an
5:45 am
extinguishing system activated. a marine spokesperson says none of those that were injured were injured seriously. the u.s. military paying for hormone replacement for the analyst who sent classified document to wikileaks. it allows chelsea manning fro transition from male to female. manage is serving a 35 year sentence for espionage. she is the first military prisoner to ask for the procedure. the canadian supreme court decided to reverse a band on doctor assisted deaths. the canadian court rule unanimously that people suffering from terminal diseases have the right to end their life. it has gained momentum here in the united states after brittany
5:46 am
maynard took her own life. she moved to oregon so she could end ore own life. death with dignity bills have be introduced in 22 states including california. 5:45. d.c. lawmakers are getting answers about a frightening an deadly train malfunction. last month a metro train filled with smoke. one woman died, dozens were injured. the national safety board leaders are scheduled to testify before a house committee about what happened. passengers on the train were stranded some 30 minutes before emergency crews arrived. a peak outside your window, always a well come thing on an early friday morning. what do we see here? the bay bridge all lit up this morning. >> things are certainly going to warm up. >> threat's sneak a peak at the forecast right now. why don't we. micro climate time. 5:46. thanks for paying up with us on
5:47 am
a pre-valentine's day, pre-president's day weak end. that might mean you have monday off. we don't. we'll be here. if you have to go to work on monday, there are quite a few events happening in honor of president's day. and valentine's weekend is going to be so wonderful for your outdoor plans. last weekend we had the rain to deal with. what a difference this weekend will be. 50 degrees on the peninsula, you're at 47 degrees to kick off a friday in the tri-valley. look at your lunchtime numbers. as you get out there breaking for lunch, so much cleser to the weekend, temps in the upper 60s to low 70s across the board. going to round out the day at 75 degrees on the peninsula today, 77 in the tri-valley. a change for today, often-shore flow strengthened, going to keep the sky nice and clear. and the wind blowing offshore is what hollows out the barrel in
5:48 am
the waves making for the big breaking waves at the local w k weekend. take it easy out there. we want you guys to play it safe. but really big surf headed our way. 76 degrees for big sur today, 77 tomorrow, 71 degrees ocean beach if that's the beach you like to go to and 72 on saturday. then in the next couple of days, temperatures will start to level off after the weekend. so the difference between sunday and monday, not a big difference, 74 degrees here in if south bay. but you will notice the cooling trend kicking in throughout tuesday in san francisco. we like to tell you what's going on across the bay area, especially because we have a lot of free events around here. maybe you're not aware of this one. president's day, historic pirate ship. these ships are amazing. and just driving past them, a site to behold. you can get out there, tour the
5:49 am
ship. really good time out there. 72 degrees on monday at noon. that's if you have the day out. 76 degrees 3:00 p.m. we'll tell you what else is going on across the bay area as we get into the weekend. i'm feeling good about it. how are you feeling about it? i'm feeling very presidential. the meet aring lights have been turned on. it's friday, we do still have traffic heading into the city. we see the approaches coming down the east shore free out of the maze, off the call da cot, all moving at speed. in the city, yeah, your current president, president obama is there. watch the sacramento and powell sides are closed. the front is open but there's no park in the area. meanwhile in the mother, nevada 101 down toward mill valley, no
5:50 am
delays, an easy flow of traffic there. one crash for highway 4 westbound. your commute direction right around san marco. that will show you a bit. but no drama there for concord or walnut creek interchange. farther south we see that traffic is flowing nicely. 208 h 280 right around saratoga were reports that someone dropped a roll of carpet in the roadway. we don't see any slowing. it's a light volume of traffic in the south bay as well. back to you. a popular san jose neighborhood road is getting a bit of a facelift at least temporarily. the main road through downtown bill low glen is going on a diet, reducing from four lanes down to two between minnesota and coe. the city will not only slim down lipping con avenue to traffic but it will add bike lanes in each direction. no construction is needed, just some new painted lanes. it's a test going on from march
5:51 am
until may. >> not that she needed to slim down or anything. 5:50 right now. the strange goo that killed hundreds of sea birds last month has been identified. the sticky substance was a synthetic oil. it's unclear where it came from and what it's being used for. the department of fish and wildlife has eight lab ace cysting in the investigation. a condo for sale in san francisco throwing in creative perks if are the buyer. free uber rides for a year. >> the condo is listed under $800,000 but it's very nice, you can see right there. it doesn't come with a parking spot. the seller is offering unlimited uber service for a year as part of the deal. one real estate sergeant says ride services like uber lift and side car, along with bikes and shubt ls made still dwellers less dependent on their car.
5:52 am
should prisoners be allowed to use facebook. >> some make the argument that they should. >> maybe not directly from their cells but perhaps through their families on the outside. it would be useful, for instance, if you felt you had been wrongly convicted. you want to keep your cause in the public eye. south carolina disagrees and has asked facebook to shut down hundreds of prisoner's facebook pages, which facebook apparently has stating a policy you're not allowed to give people your facebook password. if your parent or your spouse is posting on your behalf, these ooh violation. what's really gotten people's attention is the punishment that south carolina is handing out for facebook use. it's years in solitary confinement. san francisco based electronic frontier foundation this morning points out that is also the punishment for assault and even murder in prison. the things are somewhat different in california. these men in sanguine ten have their own twitter account.
5:53 am
they use twitter on paper and someone brings the tweets to them and the inmates write out their responses. here's a recent tweet from a prisoner. i won't stop hoping because i'm on a constant path of healing. a good sort of inspirational quote. >> uplifting. thank you very much. if you're looking to spruce up your online dating profile this valentine's day, a new stunddy shows your screen name is a good place to start. >> the study suggests avoiding screen names with negative associations like little. men for drawn to name about physical appearance and women look for names implying intelligence. when it comes to your photo, use one that features a genuine smile and they say a tilt of the head. watch out, jimmy fallon, a group of high school students coming for your job. >> they're challenging the tonight show host to an
5:54 am
improv-off. >> sk versus fallon. >> the kids at the high school posted this video to youtube last week. so far it's got 40,000 views. the students say they're huge fallon fans and the idea stems from the favorite tonight show skit ew. the students are using the #sk fallon. the biggest stars in the nba are in new york this weekend. >> the players including the washiers steph curry stopped by "the tonight show" for a little fun with. >> he was voted most like think to get carded when he orders milk. >> in a rare move fallon flipped the script. saying why continue you poke a little fun at me and the tonight
5:55 am
show staff as well. >> go right away. >> our next writer is jonathan adler. he was voted most like toy to call chuck e. cheese the club. >> is chuck e. cheese not the club? curry and his flash brother partner quay thompson are going to take to the court tomorrow for the three-point contest. >> that will be a fun one to watch, no doubt. >> we do love our basketball here in the bay area. we also love your beautiful weather and our microclimate forecast, we know exactly who to go to for that. >> good morning. that might be what draws some of the grade a players right here to the bay area. we have a gorgeous day in store. 58 degrees. we're going to round out the day in the mid to upper 70s. we're all starting out cool enough for a light jacket. you can ditch it by lunchtime. then what a beautiful day, drive home with the windows down.
5:56 am
maybe you've got the drop top. yeah, give that a good workout. to always make traffic enjoyable when i's not an enjoyable topic. no one loves a backup but you do have it here at the bay bridge. you see the lighter volume overall. let's look at 880 itself past the home of the warriors. we're looking at a smooth drive right now. the head lights head down toward the san mateo bridge. shows the same thing for 880, no drama or delays approaching the bridge. over here, compression for the west 580, slows a bit. mild slowing. the yellow indicating the 50-mile-per-hour range at the very worst. a new fender bender reported
5:57 am
just south of dunbar on the bridge, still getting details from chp. we'll track that closely. the bottom of your screen, san jose shows a nice easy drive. a little build in san jose. back to you. looking to make a plash here at home 5:57. >> a presidential visit for the history books. how today's conference at stanford will impact our personal security. breaking news, homicide investigators at a chiropractic school. the details of the unusual crime scene oming up next. >> christina is tracking the forecast for us for the weekend approaching, valentine's day as well. mike has a glance at the morning commute. a lot more news ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
happening right now at 6:00, breaking news, a body and a u-haul outside a bay area school. president obama in the bay area for a historic visit.
6:00 am
the executive order he'll sign on the peninsula this morning. good friday morning to you. you made tight the end of the week. comfortable and sunny for today. big breaking waves to tell you about. those will really be big into the weekend. and a warm holiday weekend coming your bay with temperatures in the 80s in some parts. and i see some slowing in hayward. i have a crash i'm checking out in fremont. we'll start on 880 for your friday morning commute. a live look outside right now, mike. downtown san jose. a bit of a red hue there. it is 6:00 on friday, february the 13th. you're watching "today in the bay." and a good friday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia cannon.


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